• Boutique tours of Spain and Morocco. Travel design from a Morocco- based agency, whose staff travels around Spain and Morocco all year round, fluent in both Spanish and Moroccan. At Mauresque, you won’t find packaged holidays or set dates either because we believe that traveling from Spain to Morocco on a customized itinerary is more than ticking some boxes in a bucket list. Below you will find a few examples of a Spain and Morocco private tour. But these are merely starting points, a few brushes on an empty canvas. Each of these itineraries can, and should be customized to suit your schedule, budget and interests.

    Go on, use your imagination. Don’t just wander around Alhambra and its Nasrid Palaces. Indulge in a most relaxing thermal bath in a medieval Arabic underground hammam in Granada. Don't just tour Rabat, enter the dungeons and find out about Moroccan pirates ransoming European nobility, from a local university teacher. Don't just walk around Jemaa El Fna square in Marrakech. Bargain for matisha, btata and spices in a local market. And then step inside a riad and take a Moroccan cooking class assisted by the dada of the house. We'll listen to your ideas, share our local knowledge and then craft something unforgettable. First see what startles your imagination. Then contact us and let us build step-by-step a once-in-a-lifetime Spain and Morocco luxury tour.

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